That Pocket of Sanity

Of sun-kissed beaches and looong walks!

Of sun-kissed beaches and looong walks!

Caution: Incessant rambling!

I had the privilege of meeting Jeffry Archer this week in Mumbai. I would like to share with all you other fans that I got to personally thank him for William Lowell Kane. His reply to this was “Aaahh! God bless him, William Kane!” He spoke of the overwhelming response he received here in India and how back home people would find the same hard to believe. Well, why not? Look at our population.

As I type this post, I’m sitting in a luxurious shack on the beach off the coast of Mumbai. The wind  in my hair and my feet are nestled in warm sand. The waves are lapping against the shore and there’s a high tide. I can see tiny specks in the waters which I suspect are fishing boats or trawlers. On either side, there are hills with no concrete, only trees and shrubbery. The beach is bare, save me and the thousand shells dancing as the waves retreat. I enjoy the isolation, the calm, the breeze and, my bare feet against the sand.

This morning itself, before I picked myself off the bed to pack for my mini getaway, I was not at ease. I distinctly remember the subject of my nightmares but could not recollect what constituted them. Yet now, I have to make no effort to keep them at bay. The shift in environment has worked wonders and I think of how privileged I am to be able to just take off in the middle of the week and unwind by first love, the sea. I think of so many people who face similar or worse situations and do not enjoy the opportunity to just take off and enjoy a whole beach to themselves, with a laptop and a chilled beverage to sip on. I think of how, in a month or so I myself will be struggling for this kind of freedom. I don’t need music, I don’t need company; I’m just happy being here and as I relax, I don’t feel like I’m idle.

How trivial is everything once viewed objectively? How many of our problems actually constitute as problems and what is the bar that sets one from the other? I find myself perturbed by the smallest things and as the moment passes, as the tension wears off, the reaction seems so unnecessary. Coming back to the nightmares I’ve been having; what causes them? Will I sleep poorly tonight too? If not, then why and how can I incorporate something like this into my routine?

Living in a city, I am so caught up with my own life that I seldom stop to admire an artificial fountain or a nice coffee shop. I know I’m not alone and that each person who crosses me faces the same yet there’s never any attention paid to it. People save up for months to take one fancy week long vacation which is packed with an itinerary that suffocates them. Why not try a local getaway? Some place you can drive to and spend the weekend at? Some place which is not a well-known tourist destination but is well endowed with aesthetic beauty? Where one can enjoy the luxury of being calm and allow nature to therapeutically help him/her unwind instead of some artificial spa?

For now I’m back to the daily grind!