The Circle of Threes

NOTE: Minus the scenic photograph to gaze at, the article leaves one to reflect upon his/her own ever-changing yet monotonous life.

Each of us gets roughly six to seven decades to waste in a lifetime. The luckier ones or, depending on perspective, the unlucky ones see eight to nine. Looking back at history, we had the traditionalists versus the modernists in the early twentieth century movement. As time passed, humans evolved and so did technology; some would argue it’s the opposite. Then came the post-modern era with the modernists struggling to hold ground based on words like ‘aesthetic’ and ‘elite’. However, every dog has its day and the modernists had run out of luck, thus, emerged the victorious post-modern class, rejecting all forms of hierarchy.

However, each of us, the ones existing thus reading the article, not born in time to join one of the sides, born in the post-modern world, has shades and hues of all three thinking schools. Before you close the page and get back to the monotone of surfing, take a simple look at the citations below and make an informed decision;

–          You love the abstract but find it troubling to change the ink colour amidst writing any paper.

–          You claim to admire art and architecture yet you admit having used ‘tacky’ and ‘repugnant’ while describing any form of art you didn’t feel was aesthetic enough.

–          Your opinion regarding foreign movies/ music in their native tongues ( marks the imperialistic influence)

–          Simple everyday judgements you pass based solely on what you see.

If any of the given sentences above had your rational attention then I have achieved my purpose here. What seem like ‘likes and dislikes’ are actually our interpretations of traditional, modern or post-modern views.

However we have deviated off the topic of concern, what difference does it make in our lives, whether we choose to be from a single one of those schools or simply exist with all three affecting our judgements/ choices, from what we wear to what we choose to pursue in life?

There are three most significant events in our lives, unless you’re a Nobel Prize winner or a L-e-T terrorist, which namely are:

–          Birth ( celebrated by everybody except you and probably a jealous ex-boyfriend for entirely different reasons)

–          Marriage ( bound with one person for the rest of your life, joy)

–          Death ( can’t really say, hooray, unless of course it isn’t natural)

Of the three, I personally believe, we only decide one, please do comment if you suggest otherwise, I am all ears. Apart from these three, life as we know it, is trivial. What purpose do we serve? That is to be argued here.

If not Neil Armstrong, it would have been XYZ imprinting his sole on the Moon for eternity. However, it was him. Now we cannot compare ourselves as we do not ‘matter’ as much, unless again, you actually have made a significant contribution to the planet so the odds of you reading this are minimal. You and I, on the other hand, study out of boredom, multiply out of boredom, work out boredom and seem to think we are in control of our lives. Alright, hypothetically speaking, even if we are, then why do we all do the same monotonous things in life and be proud of it? You sense this is my post-modern thinking cap? Bingo. However, that does not answer the conundrum. We go about our lives, working-earning-spending in a constant loop until we grow old, or god forbid, the stock market crashes.

In my opinion, work is a subtle form of suicide. Oh wait, that makes us all criminals. You say you life on your own terms, however, if those ‘terms’ are repeated every single day to generate income to create substantial disposable income to thus become prey to consumerism, then you, are in seemingly post-modern rut set by the traditional society much before we were blessed with Stephen Hawking.

If I tell you to sit by me and count the stars you call it irrelevant, yet, thousands of physicists waste the tax-payers money doing pretty much the same thing. ? A phD probably combined with a vocabulary full of confusing words, cleverly combined, which just sound condescending and therefore must mean something intelligent.

“The Ministry of Injustice and Inertia is frowning upon the convulsive anal detonation and the rampant testicular suffocation.”

The matter under scrutiny here is how our six to seven precious decades are spent and how our mind, combined with conditioning and the art that is, rationalizing, provides us with a traditionalistic lifestyle even though we are living in a so called post-modern world. The so called ‘broken norms’ tie us down; every single moment under the garb of so called mannerisms, ethics and lifestyles.

Not that there is no difference between the thinking of the three schools, modernism is lost somewhere in between and even the post modern world is struggling to break out these norms so rigid that it seems almost foolish to even try otherwise.

Concluding the piece, can you imagine a world without money? I just thought of nations dealing in resources thus reminding me of the pre-currency times and the barter system. But since most of us are out of resources to barter in the first place, that wouldn’t be ideal; made me laugh.

Well, neither can I.


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